aBook Basic

Intuitive address book replacement

aBook Basic is designed to be simple to use, highly intuitive, minimize data entry through silkscreen, and enhance the user experience. As an alternative to the default Palm OS adress book application, aBook adds a large range of features and possibilities to your Palm PDA.

Some of the amazing features of aBook Basic are:

  • Checkbox to edit record
  • Address fields organized in various section for easy entry and navigation
  • Add one or more names to aBook Event Manager
  • Checkbox to delete one or multiple records from various categories
  • Select records from various categories and move to a particular category
  • Advanced sort feature to list phone numbers based on their category
  • Recent and Frequent listing and editing
  • Recent or Frequent launch option
  • Tap and hold feature to dial selected record or to add record to event
  • Tap and hold phone number to view various categories or to add / edit number
  • Look up assistance to list records by alphabets
  • Erase the search characters in the Look up field with “Reset” button
  • Built-in template for First Name and Last Name
  • Built-in template for Title
  • Built-in template for State and City (in US)
  • Keypad assistance for easy phone entries
  • Built-in template in email field to select domain name

Increase the possibilities of your Palm's address book with aBook.

aBook Basic


aBook Basic 1.0